LPL Financial is one of the nation’s leading financial services companies and a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ under ticker symbol LPLA. The firm’s mission is rooted in the belief that objective financial guidance is a fundamental need for everyone.

We believe one of SFG’s greatest strengths is the ability to utilize LPL’s technology, research, clearing and compliance services, and practice management programs we need to best serve our clients.

LPL does not offer proprietary investment products or engage in investment banking activities; this means advisors affiliated with LPL are not pressured or influenced by LPL to sell its products. Thousands of financial advisors nationwide can rely on the firm’s tools and resources to provide financial guidance and recommendations to help meet their clients’ needs.

Today, LPL supports more than 19,000 financial advisors, 800 institution-based investment programs and 450 independent RIA firms nationwide.

To help you pursue your goals, SFG has access to a breadth of LPL investment solutions—from mutual funds to bonds to alternative investments—that have been carefully vetted.

Models on the LPL platform are built on a consistent, disciplined process and managed by a team of experienced professionals. Your SFG financial professional can leverage these models to craft a customized portfolio that fits your risk tolerance, timeline, and goals

About LPL Financial Advisory Services | SFG Wealth Management


LPL by the Numbers

About LPL Financial Advisory Services | SFG Wealth Management

About LPL Financial Advisory Services | SFG Wealth Management